Casting House are an outstanding resource for any production company looking to make bold, but difficult to cast TV series.

They do away with the middleman, and go straight for the jugular, using social media and the internet to contact people in a far more direct way than traditional casting operates. And they filter through the timewasters too.

I have used them three times now, on three separate series and I can vouch for just how indispensable they are.
— Harry Lansdown, Director of Programmes, Renegade Pictures
I was really impressed by how quickly Casting House delivered excellent contributors. The fact that contributors came to the programme by clicking on targeted (internet) ads means that they all have very strong motivation and genuinely want to be in the show, which makes all the difference.

We were working with a very tight deadline, and Casting House managed to consistently deliver a high number and, more importantly, high quality of contributors in a short period of time. It saved us money and it has made it possible for us to go from green light at the channel to shooting the series very quickly.
— Ana De Moraes, Head of New Formats, Twofour
“Using Casting House made the whole production so much easier. The series was a difficult casting of wealthy people for a character driven makeover show.

Casting House was pre-prepared and planned intelligently for the job ahead. By then end of the first week we had a board full of possible contributors. Charlie makes the way we cast shows more efficient and a lot quicker. I’ll use Casting House again.”
— Tim Whitwell, Creative Director, Shine TV