Are you designing, or have you just created, the home of your dreams?!

Have you turned your dream home into a reality and created a unique and personalised house with a story?

Twofour Broadcast is looking to film with homeowners who have created, or are working on, exceptional and bespoke homes as a pilot for a new television series.   If you have built, renovated, or interior designed a daring home that is a complete one-off....we would love to talk to you. 

We are looking for people who have worked to create their dream home themselves.  We are particularly keen to talk to people who have created something unusual and personal to them.   It may even be that not everyone is going to love your creation, but for you, it's perfect!

This is a short, non-broadcast, pilot that won't take a huge amount of your time, but might put you in a good position to take part in the show if you were interested at a later date.

To apply fill out the form below or call 01908 681 141.

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