Were you assigned the wrong gender at birth?

Are you on a journey of transition?  

Photo by CherriesJD/iStock / Getty Images
Photo by CherriesJD/iStock / Getty Images

A respected British production company, Renegade Pictures, is working on a new documentary series talking to people who don't identify with the gender they were assigned at birth.   The documentary series is being made with the support, advice and expertise of Mr Christopher Inglefield and his team at London Transgender Surgery.

We will be filming with a handful of people at different stages of their physical transformation, some at the very beginning and perhaps considering hormone treatment, voice therapy or surgery - right through to some who consider themselves at the end of their transition.

The documentary will be broadcast by ITV and we are excited that the channel has made the decision to talk about gender identity.   The experienced and sensitive production team feel that it will be an empowering process for those involved, giving individuals a chance to tell their stories and share their experiences.     In so doing, we hope the documentary will promote understanding about gender identity.

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