Should we live in a smoke free world?

A new online film is looking to speak to individuals about their views and experiences with smoking.

Photo by Terroa/iStock / Getty Images

The online website Vice is putting together a short film on Smoking. As a part of this they are looking to speak to real people about their views on smoking as well as their experiences with smoking and cigarettes, both positive and negative.

We are looking to speak to people who might enjoy smoking, people who may have been a smoker for years or are a vaper.

As well as those who have quit smoking, are anti-smoking campaigners, or individuals who perhaps would never date a smoker. 

In addition to this we are also looking to speak to individuals who have been directly affected by smoking or may have a family member who has been , perhaps you have recently lost a loved one to the side effects of smoking?

If you would like to share your experiences or find out more about the project, please fill in your details below and one of our team can give you a call to tell you more about this project.

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