Are you a mother who has left the family home to make a new start?

Marriages sometimes go wrong and we are looking to talk to women who felt that the best thing that they could do was to leave their husband and children and start off on their own.     Is your ex-partner the primary parent for your children?   Did you need to find some space away from your family to make a new start?

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Have you decided that it is best for your family if you aren't the primary parent or do you just need some time for yourself?

The world is changing and when relationships break down it isn't only men who leave the family home, increasingly more women are deciding that they want to make a break from family life and are happy to leave the father as the primary parent.

We are interested in making a TV documentary about women who take a break from their families.   What factors are involved in making that decision?   How much access do you have to your children?   Is their father happy staying with the children?  

We are involved in early development of this documentary and would love to hear your story.   You may decide that you don't want to feature, but hearing the circumstances around your choices is important to us.   All conversations will be confidential and private.

If you are happy to tell us more about your situation please fill out the contact form below, or call on 01908 681 142.

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