A new Television Documentary series is looking for co-parenting families, who are struggling to make it work, to come together in an exciting new show that will bring you closer together.

Are you and your ex struggling to get along for the sake of the children?     Do you have an issue with your ex's new partner?   Or maybe you think that they have an issue with you?   Are your children caught in the middle of this family nightmare?

Children of separated families see something that their parents don't....both sides of the story....and it can be really tough.   Are your kids stressed by being caught in the middle of the arguments?  Or are they spending time in two families that are very different?

We are looking for all parties of a Modern Family to come together in a new TV documentary that will ask parents and their partners to all live together - as one family - for a short time so that they can all see what it is like for their children.

This is a chance to discover how the new step-parent behaves with your children.    And a chance for you to learn what it is actually like for your children in their "other home". 

If you are divorced or separated from your ex, but are willing to work cooperatively for the benefit of your children, then this series aims to help separated parents work together and could help you get all the members of your family functioning better together. 

This project is working under the guidance of a trained therapist.

Maybe you dream of the day when heated exchanges are replaced with amicable conversations and shared celebrations for your children - even though you aren't together any more.

Or are you a step-parent who wants to improve your relationship with your partner's ex - as well as their kids.

If you are interested in taking part in this interesting project please fill out the contact form below and a member of the team will get back to you.

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This project is being produced by Pulse Films for a major UK broadcaster.  http://www.pulsefilms.com

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