Are you a mum-to-be who isn't letting their pregnancy change their life?

We are looking for pregnant women who are safely continuing their hobbies or work whilst pregnant, despite the fact that those around them believe that they should rest!

Are you a marathoner runner or extreme fitness fanatic that isn't letting your pregnancy slow you down.  Ordo you have an unusual job that goes against what people expect of a pregnant lady, but you're determined to work for as long as possible.   What do you do that is medically safe during pregnancy - but isn't socially excepted?   

We are looking to talk to women who have a modern attitude to their pregnancy and want to challenge the traditional assumptions of pregnancy and pregnant ladies. 

Discovery Network's successful series, Extraordinary Pregnancies, is coming back for a second series on TLC.    If your pregnancy is extraordinary in any way we would love to talk to you and perhaps you would like to be involved in this heart warming project about the uniqueness of new life.  

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