Do you want to bring the power of internet and social media advertising to your casting team?   Interested in what Casting House does, but want to use your own people?

Charlie Clare, the founder of Casting House, is now available to bring the advantages of internet advertising to your casting team.    By bringing Charlie in as a casting consultant you can benefit from his experience, gained over 20 years, and having invested over £100,000 on Google, Facebook and Instagram advertising on a wide range of projects. 

Charlie is available to help advise on budgeting and the structure of casting teams in the early stages of production.   He can also set up casting websites and social media casting campaigns that your team can manage and control throughout the production.

Charlie is the casting producer with the most experience of social media advertising and is looking to work with production companies to bring this powerful technique to their shows.   

You can book Charlie on a day rate from just £300 plus VAT.