Twitter – Making the most of those 140 characters

Fitting a casting call into 140 characters might seem like a hard feat, but in reality Twitter can be the succinct tool you need to crack a tricky casting.

With Twitter constantly growing it has an endless number of profiles which you can target for whatever your casting is. Twitter has broad and general profiles that people from all over the country and world will follow, as well as niche accounts which tweet on specific and unique topics. You can tailor your search to make it as big or as small as you want.

Whilst the really eclectic mix of profiles and users on twitter means you will always find that someone you are looking for, there are also lots of clever Twitter hacks we have developed over the years which help to make tracking down and reaching the right contributors that little bit easier.

Top 5 Twitter tips

 1. Always add a webpage

When you only have 140 characters to play with it can be tricky to say the least to make sure you get everything you want to say squeezed into one tweet. The simple trick of adding a shortened link to a webpage at the end of your Tweet can get rid of this problem. Having a shortened webpage attached such as link enables you to monitor how many people are clicking through to your site but also means that those scanning over your tweet can immediately click through to find the full casting details within seconds. In addition to this make sure your website has your contact details or an online submission form. Potential participants will then have a discreet and simple way to get in touch with you rather than responding to a tweet that all of their followers will be able to see.

2. Adding attachments

Whilst a well written Tweet can grab people’s attention, adding a photo in the attachment means you can add extra information that they will also see at a glance. With every tweet there is the opportunity to attach a picture to be sent with the message you write. Not only will it mean you can get a full advert of details sent out in one message, but the Tweet will also take up more of their screen so there is a greater chance of it really catching their eye on their newsfeed. Just remember, adding a photo does reduce your word count down by a few characters so make sure your to the point.

3. Advanced searches

Doing everything you can to direct your Tweets to your target audience is the key to success on Twitter. Using the advanced search tool on the home page is the best way to do this. Once you have typed in your search term , a page will come up with options for “Top” “Live” Accounts” Photos” and “More Options.” By clicking on More Options you can then scroll down and select “Advanced Search.” With an advanced search you can make many adjustments to filter your search including selecting the location of your search results. This will mean if you are only looking for participants from the UK or London for example you can type this location in and the results will only come up with tweets and accounts from that area.

4. It’s not all about numbers

The temptation to get in touch with the biggest groups with the most followers can be difficult to get away from, they have the potential to reach tens of thousands of followers with a simple Retweet. Whilst this can be a great way to get in touch with people it’s not always about the numbers. Finding an active account with only a few hundred or couple of thousand followers and messaging their followers individually can be just as, if not more effective. This is of course time consuming, however it is one of the best ways to get in touch with people. For example an account that is called “London Mums” will most likely have followers from London who are mothers. It keeps your search specific and targeted, but also it feels more personal when you’re sending out a tweet to an individual account.

5. Knowing your hashtags

The #hashtag has become something of increasing popularity over the last few years. On social media people are using #hashtags left right and centre with their messages. It enables people to search particular topics and find out what is being said about them online. On Twitter if you use a #hashtag in a tweet the people searching that word or topic can see your tweet even if they don’t follow you or the account you have tweeted. In addition you can also search a #hashtag to find people who are talking about the topic or a particular group you might be looking for.