Are you worried that your family won't accept the person you want to marry?

Do your parents have you best interests at heart, but struggle to accept the person that you love?

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A new Channel 4 Documentary series is taking a look at modern Britain through our most controversial weddings.   Multicultural Britain is something we are all proud of, but however open minded we may be, often it is the people closest to us that find change hardest.    

We are looking to talk to couples who are thinking about getting married, but realise that they still need to win their parents support for their intended wedding.

Do you trust that your family will learn to accept your partner?

Or are you delaying getting married because you don't want to cause upset?

Maybe have you already announced your engagement and it has caused tensions with those closest to you?

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Do your backgrounds and religion mean marriage is difficult?

Do your family find it hard to accept your partner because of his culture or faith?   

Is race an issue in your marriage that the older generation of your family find difficult?

Do you know that the colour of you, and your partner's skin, is irrelevant, but still your family are trying to talk you out of marriage.

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Maybe there is an age gap in your relationship, or your parents think that you are both just too young to marry.    Perhaps it is your children that have an issue with a new partner or your family just don't think that you are a good match for each other.

If your wedding plans are causing an issue in your family, please contact us and tell us your story.   Information will be confidential, but we hope it might lead us to feature you in this important Channel 4 documentary series.   

To contact us, please either call 01908 681 141 or fill out the contact form below and our researchers will call you back.

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