Do you have a single Bridesmaid who needs to find a date?

A new TV series is looking for single Bridesmaids who are looking for love.   Would helping your close girlfriend find love at your wedding make it the perfect day?   Are you desperate to help your friend to find love?

Photo by omgimages/iStock / Getty Images
Photo by omgimages/iStock / Getty Images

Are you getting married this April or early May and have a Bridesmaid who would like to set up with a hunky your wedding?   Weddings are the perfect place to find love and we are filming with a good looking eligible Batchelor who will be going to three weddings to date three different single bridesmaids.   We are looking to feature single women between that ages of 25- 35.

Filming won't take over the day, but will make it very special, for both you and your single girlfriend.   Weddings are always very romantic days and they are the perfect place to set up your friends on an ideal blind could be the beginning of something special!

The production company would also be able to offer a small fee for taking part in filming. 

If you have a girlfriend or bridesmaid in mind, or you are going to your friends wedding and would love to be on a date with a Mystery Hunk, then please contact us now by filling out the contact form below, or by calling 01908 681 141.  A member of our team is looking forward to talking to you.

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